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Translation agency Lingoneer provides professional translation solutions to meet the diverse needs of our international clients. We specialise in technical, commercial and legal translations. In addition to the major European languages, we focus strongly on Russian as well as the Baltic and East Asian languages.

At Lingoneer, every project is taken care of with utmost reliability and professionalism, utilising a wide range of powerful tools to ensure the high quality of our work. Yet our pricing is extremely competitive.

We also provide printing services in Finland, Estonia and Russia.

Infrastructure construction

Roads, bridges, telecommunications—Lingoneer translates

With the infrastructure construction sector becoming increasingly international, Lingoneer helps customers reach new growth through efficient communication across borders. We build teams of experienced translators, proofreaders and subject-matter experts to execute your translation projects with high quality and cost-efficiently. Solid international knowledge of the infrastructure field, skilled translators, and the latest translation technology solutions make Lingoneer a great partner when you decide to make your business global.

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Energy production

High-quality translations for the biggest energy production companies

When translating texts dealing with the production of energy, it is key that translators have an in-depth knowledge of the various processes of how energy is actually produced. Thanks to Lingoneer’s extensive and international network of skilled language professionals, we have served the biggest names in the energy sector in Finland and abroad for years – timely, cost-efficiently and with high quality.

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Automotive industry

Technology meets language

Highly technical, there is no margin for error when translating automotive texts. This is why Lingoneer offers a unique translation concept for the automotive industry. In close co-operation with subject-matter experts working firsthand in repair shops, we can guarantee that highly specific automotive terminology is translated correctly, making it idiomatic and easily understandable to people working in the field.

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