Infrastructure construction

Roads, bridges, telecommunications—Lingoneer translates

With the infrastructure construction sector becoming increasingly international, Lingoneer helps customers reach new growth through efficient communication across borders. We build teams of experienced translators, proofreaders and subject-matter experts to execute your translation projects with high quality and cost-efficiently. Solid international knowledge of the infrastructure field, skilled translators, and the latest translation technology solutions make Lingoneer a great partner when you decide to make your business global.

To keep your confidential data safe, Lingoneer has developed a unique information-secure translation environment, ensuring a very high level of confidentiality. With a vendor network covering nearly all parts of the globe, we can meet you strict project deadlines.

We translate most European and Asian languages, Russian, and more.

Case Study: Infrastructure construction

Having drafted new training material of hundreds of pages for its staff, a large infrastructure construction company wanted to make the best use of this material at its offices around the world, commissioning Lingoneer to translate the files into various languages in a tight schedule.

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