Automotive industry

Technology meets language

Highly technical, there is no margin for error when translating automotive texts. This is why Lingoneer offers a unique translation concept for the automotive industry. In close co-operation with subject-matter experts working firsthand in repair shops, we can guarantee that highly specific automotive terminology is translated correctly, making it idiomatic and easily understandable to people working in the field.

Making use of our exclusive information-secure translation environment, your sensitive information is kept confidential during the entire translation process. With a network of over 400 skilled translators, we can meet demanding deadlines.

Case Study: Automotive industry

A customer was in the process of opening a new car manufacturing plant, needing a set of design configurations of more than 200,000 words translated in just over a week. With Lingoneer’s powerful translation tools and skilled translator teams, the project was a success and delivered to the customer on time.

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