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Quality – cost-efficiency – on-time delivery

High quality, affordable price and short delivery time are the key advantages that we at Lingoneer offer our clients. Our own processes as well as those of our partners have been streamlined to provide the best in reliability, regardless of how demanding the project. Our operations comply with the EN 15038 standard.

Great range of languages – specialised expertise

In addition to a wide range of languages, we have a vast pool of specialised knowledge at our disposal. Our translators translate into their native language only, and they can rely on the support of an extensive network of subject-matter experts, including engineers, physicians and legal experts. They help our translators to find the best solutions for every text. We specialise in technical, commercial and legal translations as well as translations for the public sector.

Cost and terminology management – efficient translation tools

Cost and terminology management is a key part of the modern translation business. To ensure that our translations are always as cost-efficient as possible and terminology is translated correctly, our language professionals use the most powerful translation memory tools available. This helps us collect customer-specific glossaries and keep translation costs down. Translation memories, or databases of translations completed, are part of our service concept and will be provided to you with the translated texts at no extra charge.

Personalised service – a contact person just for you

Whether it is translation or printing services you require, you get them easily through your very own contact person. Place your order effortlessly – our professionals are here to serve you.

The public sector

Translations for the public sector – quickly and reliably

We provide high-quality translations for government offices, cities and towns of all sizes, quickly and flexibly. If you need continuous, centralised translation services for several departments or offices, why not sign an annual framework agreement.

Experts in a wide range of public-sector fields are there to assist our translators. This makes us the only partner you need to meet all your translation requirements: legal texts, websites, reports, tourism and marketing texts, and others.

Reliable and competitive, we would like to be your translation partner. Why not request a quote and learn more about us.

International trade

Translations for international trade

Lingoneer offers comprehensive and efficient translation solutions for international trade.

Through our LingoExpress service, you can have your business correspondence translated faster than at other agencies. We also take care of legal and contract translations quickly and reliably. In addition to all Western European languages, we specialise in Russian and Chinese as well as the Baltic languages.

Our translators are trained professionals with extensive work experience, and they are native speakers of the language they translate. Sometimes, however, a translator may not have enough specialised knowledge in the required area, which is why our team features subject-matter experts from various fields such as law, trade, and technology. This means that we can provide a precise and clearly phrased translation, no matter how difficult the text may be. We also utilise powerful translation memory tools, which guarantees that the terminology stays consistent from one project to the next.

We translate a vast range of documents and texts, including:

  • operation and maintenance manuals
  • websites
  • annual reports
  • contracts
  • forwarding documents
  • business correspondence
  • transaction documents

Legal texts and contracts – precise knowledge and expertise

Need translations of legal texts and agreements? Keep this in mind:

  • We use experienced translators who are familiar with the subject matter in question.
  • Trained subject-matter experts assist our translators in legal terminology.
  • Our translators only translate into their native language.
  • We also provide official/sworn translations when necessary.

Technical translations

Technical translations – when the translator alone is not enough

Technical translation is an area that requires a comprehensive knowledge of the technical field in question, in addition to excellent language skills. All Lingoneer translators can rely on the help of a vast network of subject-matter experts. Our experienced translators are aided by engineers and other experts from various fields.

In addition to high quality, we provide our clients with cost savings and competitive delivery times. You will be assigned your own contact person, who will take care of your translation needs from translation to printing and distribution.

We specialise in:

  • energy production
  • infrastructure services
  • the automotive industry
  • heavy machinery
  • mechanical engineering
  • software
  • electronics and electrical engineering

Energy production

High-quality translations for the biggest energy production companies

When translating texts dealing with the production of energy, it is key that translators have an in-depth knowledge of the various processes of how energy is actually produced. Thanks to Lingoneer’s extensive and international network of skilled language professionals, we have served the biggest names in the energy sector in Finland and abroad for years – timely, cost-efficiently and with high quality.

Our unique information-secure translation environment ensures that all your confidential data are kept safe. Lingoneer’s global network of language professionals helps complete demanding projects in an aggressive schedule. We translate most European and Asian languages, Russian, and more. Whether manuals, technical reports, CAD drawings or other types of text, contact Lingoneer for high-quality translations.

Case Study: Energy

In order to complete a large power plant project, our customer commissioned Lingoneer to translate power plant-related technical reports over a period of many years, totalling thousands of pages.

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Terminology services

Terminology services

The management of linguistic capital is an essential part of the modern translation business.

Efficient translation memory tools enable us to create customer-specific glossaries and termbases. For example, if you are in need of a glossary of the terminology your company uses, we can easily provide one, electronically or on paper.

By using our translation memory tools, we update your documents swiftly and cost-effectively. These tools can also save you a considerable amount of money with text that repeats across documents. This way we provide cost savings without undermining the high quality of our translations.

Desktop publishing services

Manuals and electronic publications, quickly and easily

Maintaining and updating several translated versions of documents takes time and resources.

Thanks to the structural tools we use at Lingoneer, these tasks become easier than ever. You can either publish your documents yourself or let us take care of it.

Focus your resources on your core business – rent a publishing system from us. Our publishing system allows us to create finished print products and electronic publications.

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